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All jellies are great served over cream cheese with crackers.  This makes a quick and easy dish to take to any occasion.  Our jellies are also great for grilling and even putting into pastries!

Cranberry Habanero

We call this one our holiday jelly.  It is great with cream cheese and crackers, but also delicious on many other things such as turkey, meatballs and duck.

Pineapple Carolina Reaper

This jelly is one of the hottest that we make.  Do not worry it is not too hot to enjoy.  Just like our other pineapple flavors it goes great on the grill and as a wing sauce.  Great flavor with a little more zing.

Blackberry Habanero

Our #1 selling jelly!  Blackberry Habanero provides sweet blackberry flavor with just a touch of habanero heat.  It's like eating jelly on toast but with a mild kick.

Strawberry Habanero

Another one of our top sellers.  Great flavor with a bit of a punch.  A great jelly to add to any pastry.  Also great with chicken or turkey.

Pineapple Habanero

This jelly has a little more heat, but when grilled on chicken, pork or ribs all you taste is the great flavor and a hint of the habanero.  Also great with pastries.    

Raspberry Habanero

Great flavor with a bit more of a kick for the sensitive palate.  Outside of cream cheese and crackers we recommend serving with pork, duck or turkey.

Peach Jalapeno

Another one of our top selling jellies.  Only those with the most sensitive palate will taste any heat.  Extremely mild.  Great peach taste with a hint of jalapeno.  Great grilled on any meat.  Also makes a great pastry!

Mango Habanero

This is one of our hotter jellies but the mango flavor is worth every bite!  Great to grill on ribs, chicken, beef and also goes well with fish.

Sweet Banana Pepper Habanero

If you like the taste of banana peppers this jelly will not disappoint.  Very mild with great flavor.   Great to toss on your chicken wings, pork  and even fish.

Pineapple Ghost Pepper

Tastes just like the Pineapple Habanero with a longer lasting heat...but not as hot as you think.  Great with everything!

Peach Jalapeno Ghost Pepper

If you like the Peach Jalapeno but are looking for stronger heat this is the jelly for you.  Another jelly that is great grilled on chicken, ribs, pork and beef.  Don't let the ghost pepper scare you.

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